AI POWERED ASSET MANAGMENT is your global collaboration AI-powered hub for optimizing 3D assets, aggregating metadata, tracking feedback, and streamlining workflows – all in one place.

For years, creative teams have struggled with optimizing 3D data, complicated file sharing and collaboration tools. Production delays and Endless chains of emails with Excel sheets were often the result.

SolidMeta unifies all media data and teams within an AI Powered, platform, transforming complexity into simplicity.


The AI powerhouse, made by and for professionals

Are you tired of repetitive 3D preparation tasks? Struggling to keep your remote production team aligned? Wish you had better control over client deliverables? Discover, your AI-powered data hub. This platform not only aggregates metadata but also optimizes 3D assets, tracks feedback, and streamlines workflows—all in one place.

Specifically designed, built, and production-tested for OEMs, creative agencies, and post-production teams, SolidMeta enhances processes from digital twin creation to game development and cinematic productions. Enable seamless collaboration among developers, product owners, artists, production teams, and clients worldwide.


Revolutionize your 3D data preparation and polygon reduction processes with SolidMeta Forge, our cutting-edge on-premise AI training interface for 3D CAD data. Forge turns months of manual optimization work into hours, boosting performance and cutting costs without losing any model detail.


Master the complexity of 3D asset and production management. Tackle everything from digital twins to games and big marketing campaigns. Our AI-powered management system simplifies data handling and version control, while AI keeps an eye on your production for smooth, organized progress.


Transform your creative process with Generative AI – like having a creative agency in your pocket. Effortlessly train custom AI models with your designs to generate breathtaking visuals. Draw inspiration from AI-generated designs that reflect your unique 3D & 2D data, infusing your brand campaigns and product designs.

Project Collaboration

Elevate teamwork and client interaction effortlessly with SolidMeta’s advanced production management and collaboration tools. Connect your onsite and remote teams easily, and smoothly deliver projects on time and in budget. Receive feedback in real-time for data-driven decisions, ensuring your projects meet your client’s needs and objectives.

We are committed to delivering products that stand up to real-world challenges. Here's what leading streaming providers have to say about our AI-regenerated 3D Digital Twin models, converted from original CAD data.

High Performance for better visuals

SolidMeta’s digital twin models are industry-leading in their class. The visual quality matches that of unoptimized vehicle models, displaying no noticeable differences except for a 50% reduction in polycount. This significant decrease not only enhances performance but also frees up our clients’ GPU budgets for even better visuals.

Futureproof & High-Fidelity

SolidMeta’s optimized real-time models retain the visual fidelity of their originals while supporting in our tests multiple fully-configured models in a single session. This capability enables clients to develop streaming applications showcasing extensive vehicle ranges or use more cost-effective clusters, all without sacrificing the visual quality of traditional optimization methods.

Optimized for growth

SolidMeta’s AI re-generated 3D models demonstrate objective improvements in performance, allowing us to run multiple sessions on a single server. This not only increases cost efficiency but also supports a larger volume of users, providing scalability critical for growth.


Interested in reducing your streaming costs without the lengthy process of real-time optimization? Join leading Fortune 100 companies who have chosen SolidMeta. We’re eager to learn about your specific use-case.

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Explore KEY Features


Best in class AI powered Polygon Reduction

Reducing CAD files is challenging! Standard algorithms often struggle with complex polygon topologies. That’s why we developed our own unique Polygon Reduction algorithm—unavailable elsewhere. But we didn’t stop there. We combined this innovation with AI and integrated it into our on-premise solution, SolidMeta Forge.

Forge is meticulously written in Python to integrate seamlessly into your pipeline without disruption. It features a unique algorithm based on the cutting-edge Houdini Engine from SideFX and is built on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) technology. Designed for automation, Forge enables effortless optimization of thousands of 3D files with just a few clicks.


AI Powered 3D Data Analysis and Optimization

Most production teams would optimize their 3D data if the process weren’t so time-consuming and labor-intensive. With SolidMeta Forge, it’s now possible for anyone to efficiently reduce the weight of digital twin 3D data. Our reduction algorithm has been meticulously refined over the years using vast amounts of industry-grade CAD file data, delivering unmatched geometry reduction in its class.

For Unreal users, there’s now the opportunity to merge NANITE with SolidMeta Forge geometries, harnessing the best of both worlds. Additionally, Forge can intelligently simplify complex 3D data structures by grouping objects, shaders, materials, and structures without compromising animatability.

Empower your UNREAL workflow with the strength of AI-driven automation.

Novel Reduction Algorithms

Deliver exceptional results on construction data (CAD) unmatched by other decimation algorithms.

Save Time

Efficiently optimize, and categorise thousands of files with ease, saving valuable time.

Automated Mesh Clean-Ups

Every mesh generated by SolidMeta ensures impeccable normal preservation.

Realtime Geometry

2D and 3D geometry baking tailored for mobile, gaming and Web3D / OpenGL use-cases

Peak Performance & Quality: Digital Vehicle Twins in Cloud AR Streaming

In a pioneering partnership with Volkswagen, Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream for XR Team, and UNEVIS Xlab, we launched the ID. BUZZ in Europe as the industry’s first Unreal Engine AR Automotive streaming case. Combining Immersive Stream for XR with our AI-optimization SolidMeta technology, we showcased the ID. BUZZ with seamless AR visuals, all within just 4 weeks. Users can now engage in this AR experience directly via mobile browsers, bypassing app downloads.

Learn more about this revolutionary technology and its potential for your projects HERE.


We were curious about how creative agencies were utilizing our AI-regenerated 3D Digital Twin models in their projects. Here's what they discovered.

SolidMeta & Nanite: Best of Both Worlds

The SolidMeta’s digital twin model evaluation shows exceptional promise in Unreal. Tests confirmed that SolidMeta’s models outperformed optimized Nanite models by 14% in FPS, while also saving 35% in VRAM and reducing disk space usage by 140%. This makes the combination of SolidMeta models and Nanite a perfect match, offering the best of both worlds.

Revolutionizing Automotive Content Production

SolidMeta helps us cut down production times, allowing us to focus more on creating beautiful images. The technology eases our pain when working with automotive CAD data and and make complex processes much simpler. SolidMeta has given us a glimpse into the future of automotive content production.


Streamline your agency’s creative output without the hassle. Join leading agencies and focus entirely on creativity and less on technical frustrations. We’re eager to learn about your specific use-case.

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Innovative Asset Sharing System

Sharing 3D assets for Digital Twins involves more than just receiving a simple download link. Managing multiple versions, controlling data access, and tracking deliveries are all part of the complex process.

SolidMeta’s DataHub and DeliveryCenter effectively address these challenges by offering an intelligent solution for storing and sharing data with clients and remote team members, both inside and outside your organization.

Asset Sharing: The Smart Way

Streamline Your Asset Deliveries

SolidMeta provides a comprehensive DataHub for storing, versioning, and sharing all types of media data with your remote teams and clients.

For complex deliveries that require precise control, our DeliveryHub offers dynamic visualization of statistics generated by SolidMeta Forge. It streamlines feedback collection and enables robust incident tracking and assignments.

Efficiently compare 3D datasets, strategize optimizations, and delve deep into any arising and potentially costly change requests.

Say goodbye to lengthy email chains and elevate your operational efficiency to new heights.


3D Data Analysis

Analyze and dynamically visualize complex CAD data to show clients precisely what they will receive.

Real-time Chat

Discuss deliveries, address questions, and provide your clients and teams with a collaborative space for seamless communication.

Delivery Tracking

Monitor precisely who has access to your data and who is contributing.

Incident Process

Equip your team and clients with a robust process to effectively address Incidents when they occur.


Generate Images in seconds from Your custom 3D Data

Content creation is a costly process, encompassing not only your CAD data but also specialized post-production efforts. While AI promises to simplify this, the results can often be unpredictable and may not accurately reflect your product’s true features.

SolidMeta revolutionizes this process, harnessing your unique 3D data to generate an infinite number of marketing images tailored for your campaigns. It’s like having a creative agency at your fingertips. Effortlessly train custom AI models with your designs to produce stunning visuals directly within SolidMeta Forge. Draw inspiration from AI-generated designs that truly capture the uniqueness of your brand and design language.


Instant Creativity, Endless Possibilities

Generate Stunning Images from your 3D Designs

With SolidMeta: Forge, you gain more than AI-powered data optimization. This phython based tool for your 3D pipeline also enables you to generate numerous images directly from your designs, thanks to its Stable Diffusion integration.

Think of it as having an AI-powered render engine at your fingertips. Simply frame your object and describe the desired image to create diverse visuals effortlessly. Whether you need marketing materials or product visualizations, SolidMeta makes it easy to turn your 3D designs into high-quality images, enhancing your creative workflow and productivity.



Creating 3D assets for real-time use cases such as streaming applications, virtual and augmented reality showcases, and computer games is a complex endeavor, especially for Digital Twins.

With SolidMeta, you can share assets, manage projects, optimize data, and create content—all while staying in sync with both your remote and on-site teams and your clients. An AI analysis tool is always at your disposal, providing real-time feedback on the ongoing challenges of your project.

Project Management IN THE AGE OF AI

Finish projects faster and smarter!

Manage your creative productions with SolidMeta to gain real-time insights and always stay on top of what’s happening within your projects.

SolidMeta enables both onsite and remote teams to focus on executing tasks, managing projects, and streamlining processes efficiently, helping you achieve shared goals at scale. Review deliverables, discuss milestones, and address incidents—all within a single integrated package.

Use real-time AI analysis to cut through daily noise and make strategic decisions that are right for your projects. Let AI assist in staffing your projects and predicting timelines for project completion across different teams.

Finish projects faster and smarter with SolidMeta.











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