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Key Features
Supercharge your Creative Workflow through AI Powered Automation
At SolidMeta, we empower you to effortlessly manage and navigate your 3D data and metadata. Simplify the handling of intricate 3D assets, like fully-configurable vehicles. Fuel your campaigns with personalized, AI-generated designs, and gain insights on monetizing your IP from industry experts. With us, transform your content creation IPs into valuable digital assets.
Revolutionize your 3D workflow. Automate data preparation and polygon crunching like never before with SolidMeta's on-premise AI training software, Forge.
Seamlessly Manage complex 3D CAD Models like Vehicles and Airplanes through our 3D Project Dashboard, Enabling Effortless Data Management and Version Control down to Individual Construction Parts.
Fuel Your Creativity: Tap into Our Generative AI Creator Module to Rapidly Generate Stunning Backplates for Your 3D Designs and Brand guidelines. Get Inspired by New AI-Generated Designs Trained on Your 3D Data. Transform Your Brand Campaigns and Product Designs with Ease.
Monetize Your Creative Genius: Gain exclusive insights from Hollywood VFX professionals on how to transform your content IP into valuable assets in the Age of AI.
SolidMeta Creator: Your Gateway to Infinite Creativity
SolidMeta Creator
Capture the Power of Generative AI for Limitless Visual Design Exploration
Use the power of Gen AI to generate boundless images and backplates tailored to your 3D assets, IP style and brand design guidelines.
solidmeta creator
Design Control
Generate Images and backplates that perfectly fit your project needs. Control art styles, colors, and scene modes with various input parameters, letting our generative AI bring your creative vision to life.
Rapid Creativity
Ignite a flood of unique design ideas to turbocharge your creative process. Say goodbye to waiting for design explorations - instantly develop new ideas and guidelines for your brand, reaching the finish line faster than ever.
Smooth 3D Integration
Effortlessly integrate AI-generated backplates into your 3D product design workflow with SolidMeta Creator. Export your designs as 3D scenes for easy inclusion in your projects.
Unique AI Design Training
Equip Gen AI with your 3D product and design language, enabling it to produce breathtaking 2D images of your 3D assets in any setting—eliminating the need for rendering or scene adjustments. Craft captivating visual narratives in your distinct design style, as if you have a proficient, outsourced design studio readily available.
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SolidMeta Forge: Your On-Premise AI Training Tool for Sensitive Datasets
solidmeta forge
SolidMeta Forge
Supercharge Your Studio with Forge: The AI Training Interface for Complex and Sensitive Datasets.
Introducing SolidMeta: Forge, an intuitive Python-based pipeline tool crafted for AI-driven 3D data training, automation, and manipulation. It seamlessly integrates with Houdini and Unreal, and is also compatible with Unity.
Forge is more than just a tool; it's a customizable powerhouse designed for automation for thousands of 3D Files. It comes with our proprietary AI plugins: Slim for unparalleled polygon reduction, and our UNREAL plugin for streamlined real-time optimization. Choose Forge for lightning-fast workflows and top-notch data security.
Turning Months of Work into Hours: SolidMeta Forge AI Plugins.
AI Powered Optimization and 3D Data Analysis
Introducing: SolidMeta: Forge UNREAL Plugin to Simplify complex 3D data structure. Revolutionize the way you handle complex Digital Twins without compromising data security on your premises.
Manage and optimize complex 3D data structures for UNREAL real-time usage even when faced with thousands of configuration options for the most complex digital twins like Cars, Airplanes and Watches. Harness the power of AI-driven automation to enhance your UNREAL workflow with SolidMeta: Forge
Leverage machine learning on metadata to gain valuable insights and perform intelligent data analysis
Automate 3D package optimization for optimized storage and efficient delivery of your files
Ensure data quality assurance for complex 3D data files, including cars, airplanes, and watches, to maintain data integrity and accuracy
Unlock the full potential of your 3D data, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making through intelligent analysis and optimization. Experience a new level of efficiency and reliability.
AI Powered Polygon Reduction for the Most Challenging 3D Objects
Introducing the SolidMeta: Forge Slim Plugin: Effortlessly lighten your digital twins and 3D data with our decimation algorithms, refined over four years using countless industry-grade CAD file data. Slim sets a new benchmark in polygon reduction efficiency.
Using UNREAL with NANITE? All SolidMeta meshes are optimized for UNREAL NANITE usage, amplifying performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Using UNITY? The Slim Plugin meshes integrate effortlessly with both UNITY and UNREAL, ensuring a seamless workflow no matter which real-time engine you use.
With Forge, empower your processes by training your own AI datasets, dramatically reducing manual edits. Process digital twins in hours, not months.
Reduction analysis
Novel optimization and reduction algorithms that deliver exceptional results on construction data (CAD) unmatched by other decimation algorithms.
Efficiently optimize, and categorise thousands of files with ease, saving valuable time.
Automate mesh clean-ups to attain flawless 3D models. Every mesh generated by SolidMeta is fully compatible with UNREAL NANITE, ensuring impeccable normal preservation. Pair NANITE with SolidMeta to significantly reduce infrastructure costs.
2D and 3D geometry baking tailored for mobile, gaming and Web3D / OpenGL use-cases
Harness the power of AI with a self-optimizing reduction system, delivering unmatched speed and efficiency. This reduces the need for manual guidance and streamlines workflows like never before.
Joining Forces with Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream for XR Team
Google cloud
In a pioneering partnership with Volkswagen, Google Cloud's Immersive Stream for XR Team, and UNEVIS Xlab, we launched the ID. BUZZ in Europe as the industry's first Unreal Engine AR Automotive streaming case. Combining Immersive Stream for XR with our AI-optimization SolidMeta technology, we showcased the ID. BUZZ with seamless AR visuals, all within just 4 weeks. Users can now engage in this AR experience directly via mobile browsers, bypassing app downloads.

Learn more about this revolutionary technology and its potential for your projects here. here.
Peak Performance: Achieve unmatched real-time results with AI-powered Polygon Reduction and Optimization.

This model of the ID Buzz, in its original form, consists of approximately 63 million triangles, over 1,000 parts, and occupies 1.1 GB of hard disk space.

Attempting to animate this in real-time would result in a significant decrease in performance, rendering it non-realtime.

~63 million triangles
~1100 Parts
1.1 GB
SolidMeta Technology VS. Standard

SolidMeta's proprietary reduction algorithms automatically analyze the intricacies of complex 3D objects, such as a RIM, to optimize polygons and vertices in areas where higher resolution is less crucial, all without compromising the original structure. SolidMeta's polygon reduction maintains the object's authentic form and shape longer than any other system available on the market.

Original mesh
123.139 Polygons
101.866 Vertices
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