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Digital Twin Optimization

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Effortless Real-time Optimization and Polygon Decimation

SolidMeta’s proprietary AI 3D optimization technology is at the forefront of the industry, offering unmatched speed and accuracy. We understand that some customers need even more speed or prefer to avoid the hassle. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Through our partner agency UNEVIS X, we offer comprehensive polygon reduction services for any production, surpassing the cost-efficiency of both nearshore and offshore vendors.

Whether it’s complex digital twins or simple garments, we can handle it all. Simply fill out the form below to receive your FREE quote.

Record Speed Optimization

Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, we optimize your CAD files in record time, dramatically reducing processing times and increasing efficiency. Our technology seamlessly integrates with Unity, Unreal, WebGL, and Apple Vision Pro, ensuring your assets are ready for any platform.

Detail Preservation

Our technology ensures that no critical details are lost during the decimation process, maintaining the integrity and quality of your designs across all touchpoints.

Hassle-Free Process

Experience a streamlined and user-friendly process that makes polygon decimation effortless, allowing you to focus on innovation and creativity while surpassing the cost-efficiency of any nearshore or offshore service solutions. Your optimized 3D assets will be delivered securely through SolidMeta, where you can provide feedback, approve deliverables, and exchange data seamlessly.

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Decimation & Optimization

We have a decade’s worth of experience in optimizing real-time assets. Our proprietary AI technology accelerates the strategic decimation of high-poly models, resulting in models that retain their high-quality appearance at a fraction of the original file size.

3D File Conversion

We can convert your CAD and various 3D files to web and AR-supported formats, including those compatible with Unity, Unreal, WebGL, and Apple Vision Pro. If your files are missing textures, shaders, or UV information, our expert team can create and apply these elements as needed, ensuring your assets are fully optimized and ready for deployment.

What information do you need to create models?

Polycount Requirements:

Current polycount of the existing model (if applicable).

Target polycount for optimization purposes.

Intended Use:

The purpose of the model (e.g., for web, AR, VR, gaming, etc.).

Specific platforms or engines it needs to be compatible with (e.g., Unity, Unreal, WebGL, Apple Vision Pro).

File Formats:

Preferred file formats and touchpoint for the final model (e.g., .obj, .fbx, .uasset, usd, unity package, etc.).

Additional Elements:

Any missing elements such as textures, shaders, or UV mapping that need to be created.

Specific animation requirements, if any.


Expected timeline or deadline for the project.

Can I upload my own models to SolidMeta?

Yes, you can upload and share your 3D data via our DataHub. We accept all 3D file and CAD formats without any file size restrictions. Additionally, if you have your own modeling team, SolidMeta provides collaboration tools to facilitate seamless teamwork and project management.

What is the pricing for SolidMeta’s services?

The platform services of SolidMeta will be provided free of charge to our service customers. The cost of 3D optimization and conversion services depends on factors such as the initial polygon count, the target polygon count, and the project deadline. Don’t hesitate to send us a message with your details to receive your free quote.