What is SolidMeta: Forge

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Welcome to SolidMeta Forge, the chameleon of 3D pipeline software engineered to streamline the optimization, conversion, and AI clustering of 3D data for interactive projects! Just like our mascot, this platform adapts brilliantly to your needs, whether you’re optimizing 3D data for the next blockbuster game or revolutionizing automotive design.

SolidMeta Forge functions as an integral bridge connecting industry-standard tools like Houdini and Realtime Engines and AI Algorithms like SolidMeta Core and Stable Diffusion. Our user interface is designed with flexibility and expandability at its core, ensuring you can manage complex tasks with ease—be it a detailed digital twin of a car or an array of millions of assets in a computer game environment.

Key Features: #

  • Optimization & Conversion: Simplify the process of preparing 3D models for real-time interaction with tools for large-scale polygon optimizations and structural optimizations needed to make CAD files interactive.
  • AI Clustering: Utilize artificial intelligence to efficiently categorize and optimize your 3D assets autonomously.
  • User Interface: Enjoy a user-friendly and adaptable interface that caters to both simple and complex project needs.

Technical Considerations: #

While SolidMeta Forge is intuitive, a foundational understanding of polygon topology and real-time performance metrics will benefit users. This knowledge will help you fully leverage the software’s capabilities. Although programming skills are not required for setting up or using Forge, familiarity with these concepts can enhance your workflow efficiency.

Support and Resources: #

We are committed to supporting your technical needs, including custom surface analytics that provide detailed insights into your project’s performance and optimization levels. This help documentation, along with our customer support services, is available to assist you throughout your project’s lifecycle.

For Developers: #

If you have programming skills and wish to extend the functionality of SolidMeta Forge, our plugin architecture is designed for customization. You are encouraged to create and integrate your own functions, expanding your current pipeline capabilities.

Getting Started: #

Begin by following the straightforward setup instructions in the Getting Started Guide to dive into using SolidMeta Forge immediately. For users looking to delve deeper, the documentation also covers basic project setup features.

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